Tour Archive

August 11th 2017 Triple Rock Social Club, Minneapolis, MN with The Lovely Dark, Maeth, and Christopher Weiland

December 15th 2016 First Avenue and 7th Street Entry, Minneapolis, MN with Tabah and The Sudden Lovelys

September 13th 2015 Birchwood Bash, 89.3 The Current/Electric Fetus Mainstage, Minneapolis, MN with The Brass Messengers and Clementown

October 8th 2015 Turf Club, Minneapolis, MN with Danger Ron and the Spins and Nuns

September 5th 2015 Fallout Art and Music Festival, Aberdeen, SD

July 25th 2015 All Pints North, Duluth, MN

February 27th 2014 James J. Hill Reference Library Present Loud at the Library, St. Paul, MN

January 12th 2014 St. Paul Conservatory Music Under Glass Series, St. Paul, MN

December 28th 2013 Amsterdam Bar and Hall, St. Paul, MN with The Sudden Lovelys and The Fattenin' Frogs

Spooky Speakeasy at the Haunted Basement Fridays and Saturdays October 1 Through November 2 2013, Soap Factory, Minneapolis, MN

September 30th, 2013 Amsterdam Bar and Hall with Reina del Cid

September 14th, 2013 Ethnic Fest Walker MN

July 1st, 2013 Hell's Kitchen Minneapolis MN with Lovely Dark, Hiawatha, and Chris Weiland

Art a Whirl at the 331 Club May 19th, 6PM Outdoor Stage
The 331club presents ART-A-WHIRL 2013 with 89.3 the Current, McNally Smith College of Music, Modern Radio Record Label, and The Electric Fetus

May 25th, 2013 Arts & Bicycle Spectacle Aberdeen SD

March 9th, 2013 Hell's Kitchen Minneapolis with Wild Cathedral, Golden Bubbles, and Queen of France

March 15th 2013 331 Club Minneapolis with Saint Anyway

March 23rd 2013 7th Street Entry: Squares Album Release! w/Fire in the Northern Firs

April 12th 2013 The Coughy Haus Beloit

February 9th 2013 Amsterdam Bar and Hall (St. Paul, MN) w/The Sudden Lovelys

January 6 2012 Hymie's Vintage Records (Minneapolis, MN) In Store Performance

The Sunny Era is proud to present Lost in the Sea of Ghosts
November 29th, 7PM at the Cedar Cultural Center
with Bomba de Luz and El Le Faunt

September 8 2012 20th Annual Ethnic Fest (Walker, MN)

December 28 2012 331 Club (Minneapolis, MN) w/Andy Elwell and Cait Leary

November 26 2012 KFAI Radio (Minneapolis, MN) Pam Without Boundaries

November 21 2012 KFAI Radio (Minneapolis, MN) Live in Studio 5!

November 1 2012 The Caughy Haus (Beloit, WI)

August 17 2012 The Current Presents The Sunny Era at Wabasha Days (St. Paul, MN) w/We Are The Willows and Farewell Circuit

May 3 2012 MSP International Film Festival Closing Party! Aster Cafe (Minneapolis, MN)

April 12 2012 MSP International Film Festival Opening Party! Aster Cafe (Minneapolis, MN)

March 30 2012 331 Club 7 Year Anniversary! (Minneapolis, MN) w/The PoorNobodys and The Como Avenue Jug Band

December 2 2011 Amsterdam (Minneapolis, MN) w/Neil Peterson and Disaster Bird

November 25 2011 Shuga Records (Minneapolis, MN) w/Communist Daughter and The Sudden Lovelys

November 12 2011 331 Club (Minneapolis, MN) w/Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo

November 4 2011 Amsterdam Bar and Hall (Minneapolis, MN) w/Sarah Morris and Kevin Steinman

October 31 2011 Kitty Cat Klub (Minneapolis, MN) HALLOWEEN SHOW! w/Caitie Collins and VainGlorious

October 20 2011 Nomad World Pub (Minneapolis, MN) w/Colder in Moscow, Big Strong Men, and Kalispell

October 15 2011 Loring Theater (Minneapolis, MN) w/Black Blondie, Me and My Arrow, and DJ Milgauss

October 5 2011 KFAI Radio (Minneapolis, MN) Live in Studio 5

October 1 2011 Arabica Lounge (Seattle, WA)

September 30 2011 Cobra Lounge (Bellingham, WA)

September 29 2011 Kenton Club (Portland, OR) w/Corduroy and Danielle Oliver

September 24 2011 Underground Bar (Des Moines, IA)

September 23 2011 Lazy Dog Lounge (Boulder, CO)

September 22 2011 Rogue Bar (Scottsdale, AZ) w/Prague and What's Left

September 10 2011 Mother Fool's (Madison, WI)

September 9 2011 Art Bar (Milwaukee, WI)

September 2 2011 Cause (Minneapolis, MN) w/The Wapsipinicon and The Painted Saints

August 27 2011 Aux One (Minneapolis, MN)

August 24 2011 Northrup Auditorium (Minneapolis, MN)

August 20 2011 Terrapin Station (Nevis, MN) w/Lance Benson

August 19 2011 Brigid's Cross (Bemidji, MN) w/Lance Benson

August 12 2011 Private Charity Event

July 30 2011 Red Hot Art Festival (Minneapolis, MN)

June 30 2011 Hell's Kitchen (Minneapolis, MN) w/Grant Cutler and The Gorgeous Lords, Lovely Dark, and Hildur Victoria

June 19 2011 Stone Arch Festival (Minneapolis, MN)

May 28 2011 Blue Ox Bar (Bemidji, MN) w/Lance Benson

May 27 2011 331 Club (Minneapolis, MN) w/The Painted Saints and Andy Elwell

May 21 2011 Hoolie Fest at Art A Whirl (Minneapolis, MN)

May 14 2011 Art Bar (Milwaukee, WI)

May 12 2011 Aster Cafe (Minneapolis, MN) w/The Poor Nobodys

April 22 2011 Thirsty Pagan (Duluth, MN) w/Scattered Birds and Loup Garou

April 16 2011 Loring Theater (Minneapolis, MN) Album Release w/Zoo Animal and Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles

January 28 2011 Celtic Junction (St. Paul, MN) w/Orkestar Bez Ima CD Release

December 18 2010 Tune Up Your Art (Minneapolis, MN) Urban Arts Twin Cities

October 29 2010 331 Club (Minneapolis, MN) w/In the Cinema and Bella Ruse

October 23 2010 Brigids Cross Irish Pub (Bemidji, MN) w/Lance Benson

October 2 2010 The Cedar Cultural Center (Minneapolis, MN) w/The Poor Nobodys and the Brass Messengers

October 1 2010 Red Line Tap (Chicago, IL)

September 17 2010 The Kitty Cat Klub (Minneapolis, MN) w/The Chord and the Fawn and Calamity and the Owl

August 25 2010 Northrop Plaza (Minneapolis, MN) University of Minnesota

July 30 2010 The 331 Club (Minneapolis, MN) w/The Chord and the Fawn

June 12 2012 Band Together for a Cause at The 808 Club (Minneapolis, MN)

June 23 2010 Kitty Cat Klub (Minneapolis, MN) w/Andy Elwell and Adam Svec

April 29 2010 The 501 Club (Minneapolis, MN) w/Bella Ruse and The Chord and the Fawn

March 21 2010 The Kitty Cat Club (Minneapolis, MN) w/The Poor Nobodys

March 20 2010 The Current Present's The Sunny Era at Playwrights Center Waring Jones Theatre (Minneapolis, MN)

March 10 2010 The Red Stag Supper Club (Minneapolis, MN)

January 7 2010 331 Club (Minneapolis, MN) w/Andy Elwell and Bethany Larson and the Bees Knees

January 2 2010 501 Club (Minneapolis, MN) w/The Icy Shores

December 30 2009 The Bedlam Theatre (Minneapolis, MN) w/Painted Saints

November 28 2009 331 Club (Minneapolis, MN) w/The Poor Nobodys

November 21 2009 Pizza Luce Duluth (Minneapolis, MN)

October 22 2009 331 Club (Minneapolis, MN) w/Telepathos, Canon Chorus, and In The Cinema

October 24 2009 Beaners Central (Duluth, MN) w/Lance Benson

November 4 2009 501 Club (Minneapolis, MN) w/ Lance Benson

October 5 2009 Barbette (Minneapolis, MN)

September 24 2009 The Red Stag Supper Club (Minneapolis, MN)

September 17 2009 Cause (Minneapolis, MN) w/Bella Koshka and Aviette

September 4 2009 Showcase Minnesota (Minneapolis, MN)

September 4 2009 The Triple Rock Social Club (Minneapolis, MN) w/The Small Cities, The Arrest, and Laarks

August 29 2009 Cause (Minneapolis, MN) w/The Wars of 1812

August 26 2009 Fineline Music Cafe (Minneapolis, MN) w/The Options, Fred Argir, and Stephen Ashbrook

August 19 2009 The Acadia Cafe (Minneapolis, MN) w/Todd Huna and The Albert Kaedah Trio

August 13 2009 Big V's (Minneapolis, MN) w/Poketful A Change, Julian Moncada & the Climax and Tuning Spoons

August 7 2009 The Uptown Bar (Minneapolis, MN) w/Farewell Milwaukee, Matthew Inkala and Poketful A Change

July 25 2009 The Nomad World Pub (Minneapolis, MN) w/Brad Senne

July 16 2009 The Turf Club (Minneapolis, MN) w/The Suits, and Hildur Victoria

June 25 2009 Kitty Cat Klub (Minneapolis, MN) w/Zoo Animal and Red Daughters

June 10 2009 Acadia Cafe (Minneapolis, MN) w/Dan Dragich, Michael Legan, and AK Andy

May 10 2009 Cities 97 Studio C (Minneapolis, MN) Minnesota Music w/Jason Nagel

May 1 2009 The Fine Line Music Cafe (Minneapolis, MN) Album Release w/Bella Koshka, Western Fifth and Ben Connelly

August 7 2008 The Fineline Music Cafe (Minneapolis, MN) w/Tyler Burkum and The Julie Puppets

July 31 2008 Club Underground (Minneapolis, MN) w/The Illness Project and Gleam

May 29 2008 The Turf Club (Minneapolis, MN) w/Graycoats and The Great Physician

April 22 2008 The Fineline Music Cafe (Minneapolis, MN) w/Yer Cronies, Singlespeed, and Lucy Michelle

February 14 2008 Club Underground (Minneapolis, MN) w/The Illness Project

November 11 2007 The Varsity Theatre (Minneapolis, MN)

October 26 2007 The Fineline Music Cafe (Minneapolis, MN) w/Cedar Avenue and Lady Bender

September 29 2007 The 400 Bar (Minneapolis, MN) w/King Cole and The Unreasoables

June 20 2007 The Uptown Bar and Cafe (Minneapolis, MN) w/The Men Who Control the Weather and Flink

May 12 2007 The Nomad World Pub (Minneapolis, MN) w/Jeremy Messersmith, Jack Torrey, and Captain Yonder

April 10 2007 The Uptown Bar and Cafe (Minneapolis, MN) w/The Painted Saints and The Pundits